"We Care" Networking Group - We care and share
I would like to introduce myself. My name is BeverIey Hickey. I have 20 years of experience working within the care sector. The reason I created this group, was working in the healthcare sector, myself and colleagues found it difficult to source information. The idea of this group is to enable everyone to just click on here and share whatever information is available to everyone.

I decided to start the "We Care" Networking Group as I felt by combining our resources, we can tailor our care to meet  peoples specific needs, and wishes, ensuring best practice in care homes and in the community.

By regular support from one-another and review of our business/service, we could improve care/delivery service.

With such an extremely successful team guiding the project it will create positive results.

* Shared training/resources

* Improved inter-professional working

The fact that "We Care" will have selected the relevant business categories, means that the alerts will be relevant and of genuine interest. Please visit our friends page that will assist you in obtaining the help, support and information you need.
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